Outdoor Therapy

Today is one of those days for being outside. It Is one of those days where you just want to stay outside and find anything to do. You know the kind of day where you want to find anything so you don’t have to go back in your house and clean.

This morning has been one of those. One of the cows in the lot calved, but she pushed it outside. The hubby looked and looked but never could find it. I found it snuggled up in the shade beside a tree. Tucked under a fallen limb, just as content as could be. I reunited the pair and away they went. 

Then we got down to some much needed springtime work. One of those chores that vine every year, fence fixing. I really love fixing fence. Looking for lost staples out of a fence post and then putting them back just does something to my soul. Maybe it is the history lover in me or maybe just the nostalgia of it all, but knowing that I am putting in a staple that someone else put in 50+ years ago it warms me. I feel connected to the past. I feel that I am keeping up their hard work. So today that is what I did. 


And now off I go. My son and I are headed to Sheridan where he is competing. I am stopping to pick up a kitchen aid professional mixer I bought in an auction last night it is a Hobart made one. I am so excited I love the larger ones. 

Aboo likes to help. Well she likes to run around anyway.   

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