My First Design. . . And Many Lessons Learned

I wanted to create a hat for a friend that had color work involved. Therefore I used an app to pull it all together. 

Some parts I really like and others like the decreasing, well not so much. I learned a lot and hopefully more attempts in the future. 


Conquering Cheesecake 

Cheesecake is one of those oh no items that many of us fear to make. I can say with all honesty I use to feel that way. Then in 2012, I decided to tackle it head on.

I attempted several recipes before I found one that I felt was good.  Then I read pages of tips to baking it correctly. After several attempts I finally got it down.

Amazingly it turns out almost every time. I think it has cracked twice. But both times I overfilled the pan.

So here is to conquering the scary cheesecake.

Twice in one Month

it has been over a year since I have been able to get away to shop at the Brown Sheep company store. They are only about 2 1/2 hours away, so relatively speaking they are pretty close. 

I so enjoy that store. You get inside and just too many choices. It’s amazing.

I was able to go once while we were in Gering selling our yearlings and then the other day I took my good friend Mandy down for her birthday. I mean who doesn’t love yarn. 

If you are ever near Mitchell, Nebraska and have time. Stop by their stores  you won’t regret it. Well your bank account might, but your yarn stash will become happier. 

Sometimes Little Things Make A Person Think

On Facebook today, someone shared a poem that was pretty good. It made a lot of sense to my life. It actually was pretty true to the way I live my life. The more I thought of the poem, the deeper the thoughts took me. 

Here is the poem. I apologize to the author, it was not cited and I have no idea. It is not mine and I take no credit, except for my own rambling. 

Now before I get down and deep, let me just say that my house can not be featured on an episode of Hoarders or How Clean is Your House! There is a complete difference between messy and disgusting. I’m just throwing that out there for you. 

I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy life. I enjoy memories. I enjoy my kids! And I enjoy the whole mess that comes with kids, a husband, and life.  How can one truly allow life to be lived if the constant concern in the front of our mind is I must vacuum or all the toys need to be put away immediately. Now let me say there are times when it must be done. But to truly live, don’t we have to overlook the mess to see the memories. When our kids want us to color with them. Do you choose dishes or do you hop down on the floor and color that picture of Dora?  

I feel that too often we are caught up in the desire to have everything just so. Everything in its place. However, does it truly matter?  

When we are old and approaching the end of our earthly life, will you honestly be thinking about how glad you were to have that spotless house? Will you be overjoyed and feel your life was complete because all the toys were always put away by evening?  Will your children share their childhood with others and talk about how clean your house was and how great it was to always have parents who spend all day everyday making sure cars, homes, and rooms were immaculate?  

My guess is no! We want memories of how we colored with our babies. We want memories of going for walks and seeing pretty rocks. We want our kids to remember the great life we showed them. 

It is never too late to change our outlook! Let the dishes go. Let the room stay messy for a day and play with your kids. Sit down an watch a movie with your family instead of listening from another room as you tidy or clean. Trust me you will remember that a whole lot more than you will remember which load of laundry you did. 

As someone once said. There will come a time when you will wish you had dishes to wash that your loved ones ate on. There will come a time when you wish you were stepping over toys. It will all be gone one day. What memories will you make? Trust me Let It Go!