My First Design. . . And Many Lessons Learned

I wanted to create a hat for a friend that had color work involved. Therefore I used an app to pull it all together. 

Some parts I really like and others like the decreasing, well not so much. I learned a lot and hopefully more attempts in the future. 


Conquering Cheesecake 

Cheesecake is one of those oh no items that many of us fear to make. I can say with all honesty I use to feel that way. Then in 2012, I decided to tackle it head on.

I attempted several recipes before I found one that I felt was good.  Then I read pages of tips to baking it correctly. After several attempts I finally got it down.

Amazingly it turns out almost every time. I think it has cracked twice. But both times I overfilled the pan.

So here is to conquering the scary cheesecake.