Obsessive? Maybe…

You know when you start out to learn something new and you plan to just dabble in it a little. You in no way plan to become obsessed or purchase any and all things associated with this said hobby.  I mean you plan to just find something to fill those few moments in time when you have time to learn. It’s good for the brain,  right?!

In the fall of 2012 I decided to learn to crochet. My good friend Mandy, (the one that knows how to do everything!), crochets all the time. She whips out these cute little blankets, outfits, hats, etc, etc, etc,.. Yeah, Yeah she is one of those.  Well I was just entering the first fall of my teaching hiatus.  I needed to learn something. I needed to grow my mind! I needed to not be still.  So with that eager yearning to learn I decided to you tube how to crochet.  I immediately learned to chain, then to single crochet. I was so proud.  Then Mandy informed me of a thing called double crochet. Mastered it!!

This is a small, small, like only 1/16 of my yarn stash. I had just finished winding it all up. Well with the aid of the new gadget. LOL

Well with crochet comes the dreaded trip to the nearest yarn store.  I dreaded it. I mean piles of yarn. That can’t be as fun as a fabric store.  Well HOLD EVERYTHING! Have you seen these yarns? Have you felt the yarns that they make? There are so many choices of fiber, color, how it’s dyed, weight, and companies.  How does a semi sane person choose? It’s hard and then you grab as many as you possibly can. I like to buy any that I feel are beautiful or soft or pretty, or just because.  So yes, I buy anything that grabs my eye. I literally mean anything!

I perfected my crochet for awhile. I really liked learning to make new things with crochet. It is fun. I was feeling pretty confident. I was now able to read patterns and knew most stitches. Mandy and I would have our crochet time. It is a special bond between master and apprentice.

My mom and I went on our girls trip last fall. On this trip I reintroduced my mom to yarn stores and knitting.  She had been on a break for about 50 years and was willing to start again.  As my mom learned more and more. It became apparent.  I was holding a secret. It was bubbling to the surface at every chance. In the yarn stores I would see knitted patterns and people knitting.  I longed to learn to knit. It was so pretty and soft and the stitches looked so sophisticated and fun.  Don’t get me wrong I love crochet and love how it looked. However I really like the look of knit on certain things better than crochet. It just looks nicer to me. But it has to be so hard. My cousin’s wife Jennifer, (the master of things at home in TN), was a great knitter. She was eagerly pulling me to learn.

As I longed to learn I visited yarn stores wherever I was or when I had time. Then I found a company called YarnBox! I ran across this site on Facebook. Can you believe they have a yarn delivery service!! Oh My!! Now once a month I receive 2-3 skeins of fabulous yarn along with patterns.  It is the most amazing thing ever.

I may or may not have a small obsession with yarn. My office is slowly being taken over by yarn and yarn contraptions.  I mean I can not simply ball my yarn, when there is a fabulous tool for that. I purchased the necessary tools to make yarn cakes. Oh the fun!!

I always have lots of help with my new gadgets.
I always have lots of help with my new gadgets.

As I learn more about knitting, I am stocking up on more and more yarn. At some point I should probably open a store. I mean how in the world will I use up all this yarn. But to actually get rid of this would be impossible. My only option is to knit and crochet faster and use up my stash.

On Friday I am off to learn to Fair Isle Knit in Nebraska.  So the adventure continues. I think that there will be yarn to buy at the Fiber Fair!!!