Letting Go, Yes, No, Maybe!

I am going to assume that letting go of children when they are off to college is breathtakingly painful. I have three years before I have to go through this task,but  I think it will be very hard. 

 I am experiencing that pain with my puppies.  I have become the weird dog lady. I know crazy.  I have had friends tell me that when they die, they want to come back as one of my puppies because I am so obsessive about them. Obsessive may not be strong enough of a word, compulsive and neurotic might fit better. 

 When my puppies  are born, I weigh them, and warm them. I keep track of every progress. I keep a heating bad in their little swimming pool so that they are nice and snuggly warm. I weigh them daily to ensure that everyone is growing. I chart this information. (I know I might need to seek some help).

Then they head off to their new homes.  It is like each one of them is a child that I have worked with and I am sending them off to do their part. I hope they will become great dogs, great workers, and all around do a darn good job. I worry and stress about how they are doing, If they are doing okay for their owners. I email or text every now and then just to see how things are working out. It warms my heart to hear that things are going good. 


 Recently one of my first owners contacted me that the female they had gotten had become an issue.  They lived close to a busy highway and they could not keep her from chasing cars. They were devastated and worried that they would eventually be going to scoop her up after getting hit.  I immediately offered to take her back.  It is so heartbreaking to me when something doesn’t work out. 


 I have been working this dog daily on our 4H steers and she is doing amazing. I found a home for her on a ranch north of Thermopolis and I am excited for her next adventure. I think she will be great. Plus the owners know our dogs and were really wanting the dad. She is as close to his personality as I think I have seen. She is wanting to please and ready to go wherever you are.

Dogs are just like kids you never know from pup to pup the personality or the desire to work or listen. These pups seem to be close to the mom ( a hot worker who lives and breathes to chase chows) and the dad (an all around amazing dog who listens intently and has an eye for working).  

The spectrum is broad in what these pups are like.

Our pup has the personality of her dad, but then when she is chasing a rabbit, Steve (our 13 year old house Antelope, whom she is not to chase), or one of the older dogs the ears seem to be turned off. Now she is only 5 months. and we are working on everything, but I can see she is falling in between. 

 With this I am taking my dog Jipsey in this morning to be spayed.  Two litters was plenty and we have our pup. I just get to attached to my pups and too worried when things don’t work out.  It might be best to let others have pups and I will take one of theirs.  

One of the dogs from my first litter actually had pups 4 weeks ago and they are the cutest little black and white borders I have ever seen. Such color. Some are almost all white, and some are almost all black. If we weren’t overrun with dogs, I would be getting one of those little furry balls.

So here is to a great morning and to no more whelping puppies!!

The Pick Has Begun for Christmas Puppies 4 weeks

1. J.J. – Jiggs
2. Kelsey- Tank
3. Kurt and Janet- Molly
4. Levi- Tripp
5. Smith- boy
6. Eric- girl

Waiting list
Jay- girl

The puppies will get their first shots on the 16th as well as wormed. They will be ready to go after that. Please make arrangements to pick up your puppy by December 20th.

Tank- Kelsey
Douglas, Wyoming

Jiggs- JJ
Douglas, Wyoming


Tripp- Boy


Skye- girl


Molly- girl
Kurt and Janet- Colorado


Sadie- girl

Well It Happens!

I was careful. I mean careful.  When hunting season rolled around I made sure to keep them separated.  I didn’t want an accident or to have a huge problem again.  I really am not wanting to repeat the spring.  On the last day, of the last group of hunters. It happened. Yes, I let Jipsey out side and put Joe into the storage room of our basement. (Did I mention that they have the bar type door handles that you just have to push down to open? Well they do and Joe can open them!) I put Jipsey back upstairs, closed the door to the basement and headed over to cook cinnamon rolls for the hunters.

What a great day. The guys all left. They were a great group of hunters from Ohio. Mark and JJ were cleaning up the blinds and I headed back home to. . .   Yep you guessed it and dog with a wet behind.  I didn’t see them together. I didn’t see the deed. However I guessed my future was grim.  Oh how could I do this.

Well we are now about 2 weeks away from welcoming Jipsey’s 2nd litter of puppies. I know I am glutton for punishment. I am so praying, and praying that this litter is downsized from the 11 she produced in March.  I thought of having her fixed right after it happened. However when I emailed the owners of the puppies they all seemed so happy with them.  There were a few that have a little hyperness to them, but alas they are 7 months old.  Most are working cattle or sheep and learning quickly the rules of their ranches.

I have the pool already set up in the back room and we are in a tizzy of waiting. Jipsey is busy sleeping and eating. She has been quite upset the last couple of days because I put her on mandatory maternity leave from working cattle.  Last week while working calves, one jumped over her and landed on her back leg.  I was so scared it was going to hit right on her stomach. Therefore she is done until after the pups are born.  She doesn’t like it and makes sure that we know she doesn’t like it.

These pups will be ready to go at Christmas and this time we are keeping one. YEAH!!! I can’t wait.  The next time she comes into heat I will listen and put one in the horse trailer to stay until it is over.  But there is no going back and they will be here soon. I think I am a little calmer and Jipsey is definitely a little calmer.

Watch for pictures soon.


Puppies at 6 weeks

The puppies all got their shots today and were all given a clean bill of health. I can’t believe that they will be leaving soon to go to their homes and begin learning their jobs. Here are the current pictures that I was able to get this morning.

I didn’t realize until I was uploading that I forgot to get a picture of Hank alone. I will update that soon.

Jynx-female  Sold Moriah – Douglas, Wyoming Hank -Sold Jill and Chuck Webb Savery, Wyoming


Dru-Male Sold Linda and Fred Matthews Buffalo, Wyoming


Nell-Female Sold- Pat O'Connor North Dakota
Sold – Cadence Vollman Douglas, Wyoming
Zip-Female  Sold- Sharon Douglas, wy
Sold- Sharon
Douglas, wy
Tip-Male-sold Levi and Lack Kendrick, Wy
Levi and Laci
Glenrock, Wy
Duke-Male Sold Becca Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, Wyoming
Zac-Male Sold JMooney Gillette, Wyoming
Gillette, Wyoming
Meg-Sold Aaron  Douglas, Wyoming
Douglas, Wyoming
Red-Sold Nick and Gloria Tennessee
Nick and Gloria
Zeke-Male Sold Natasha and Keith Wright, Wyoming
Natasha and Keith
Wright, Wyoming

4 week pictures, My they are growing.

Ready for Pictures!
Ready for Pictures!

Well we are close to 4 weeks now. They will officially by 4 weeks on Thursday, but I am calling it close enough.  They are starting to get more rambunctious and energetic. Taking pictures was definitely more of a challenge.

I am down to only 2 boys left. I can’t believe they will be leaving me in around 3-4 weeks. We have been working on going potty on the puppy pads and so far only a couple are still going outside the pad.

Puppy List

  1. Aaron – Female
  2. Moriah-Female
  3. Sharon-Female
  4. Natasha and Keith-Male
  5. Nick and Gloria – Male
  6. Pat-Male
  7. Pat-Female
  8. JMooney-Male
  9. Becca-Male
Jynx - Female
Jynx – Female She is the runt of the bunch, but is growing quickly.
Hank - Male He was my last born. He is one of the bigger pups.
Hank – Male
He was my last born. He is one of the bigger pups.