Well Hello!

I have neglected my blog and basically everything else in my life for the last month or so. Sorry about that. Sometimes you just have to let everything slide and remember where you are in life. 

In early February I took a much needed road trip back to Tennessee to visit mom and dad. I had the privilege of picking up my cousin from Tennessee at the Denver airport and she road back to with me.

 We both needed that 3 day girls trip. We ended up swinging down into Oklahoma City. I know it’s not exactly on the way, but if you make a little curve and come across Arkansas it is technically right smack dab in the path.

 We were coming across Kansas and how could I deny her the chance to see some of her family who lives in Oklahoma. My family is really not big on road trips and traveling. They really like to stay in their little area of East Tennessee. 

We had lots of fun and enjoyed 3 days of girl talk, food, and driving. Plus lots of Starbucks. 

I have also set down my knitting. After finishing my alpaca snowflake hat, that  John laid claim to immediately, I haven’t knitted anything. My goal for April is to finish up all my projects and get ready for all that May brings. (Lots of cow work! That’s what it brings. Lots and lots of cow work). 

Two things I’m in love with right now are my new mixer and my puppy. 


 I got a new KA professional 600. I was a little worried from reviews that it was going to be too big and too noisy. So far I have made one single batch of cookies and one cake. I love it. JJ is dying for me to get some cream so that he can time how long it takes to turn it into whipped cream.  The old KA mixer I am taking to the hunting house for use during hunting season. Then I will decide to keep it or sell it. I’m in between on what to do. 

Aboo is fast becoming my doll. She is still living in the house since she is only 5 months, but she is proving to be an all around good dog. She is one heck of a guard dog and alerts me to anyone driving up or other creatures around the house. Totally loving that. I have not had a true barking dog since my Aussie died about 5 years ago.   

Isn’t she a doll. We were laying down for a little 10 minute nap yesterday. 

I hope you have a wonderful day.