It is Remarkable 

Tonight I got to spend time with the most amazing little girl. She snuggled tightly against me and I got to remember what it was like to hold a baby. She is now 3 1/2 weeks old and it just seems unimaginable that she is already advancing toward the one month mark. 

It seems so long ago when I held my babies fresh from the hospital. So tiny and they seemed so breakable. I was so in awe of who they would become and what they would look like. Better yet would I do a good job, was I capable of doing a job as well as my own mom. 

All the insecurities surrounded me. Then they grew. Each day it seemed milestones were reached. They learned as I learned. We became no longer a lady with a new baby, but a family. Dependent on each other. We rely on the unity of working as a team for reassurance during dark times, encouragement during times of doubt, and even recognition of goals reached and jobs well done. This signifies to me that it has truly worked. We have made mistakes but we have done a pretty darn good job with these two slippery babies we brought home so many years ago. 

As I watched my friend tonight I noticed the changes. She is well into transitioning into being a mommy. Calm and relaxed she new the noises and  she understood the grunts.  It’s amazing how moms become moms. Is it not?

The days will count by So quickly, Quicker than we would like, but ticks by it will. I can’t wait to see this little girl grow but I hate to see how fast it will happen. I’m sure my mom felt the same and her mom before her.