And I’m Back!

It has been close to four years since I hurt my knee working cattle. I climbed over at fence when the cattle were coming back toward me and when I landed I twisted my knee with all my weight on it. At the time it just seemed like it was just partially injured. Little did I know, and soon I would find out that this would be a game changer. 

As the weeks went on I realized my knee was not healing. I have always been an avid horseman, and I enjoy riding horses. I don’t enjoy riding a four wheeler together cattle. I don’t enjoy riding a four wheeler down mountain valleys gathering cattle. They know you can’t get to them in certain spots, and they know you will have to get off that four wheeler. That makes me walk down the hills and walk down little drops, putting more strain on my injured knee. So over the years it grew worse and worse. 

To top it all off I bought a new dog and I decided I was going to go to some clinics to learn to train her. At a training this jeep came into me I locked my knees and they took out the other knee. So this left me with two injured Knees!  I know what you’re saying it’s just over, you’re just gonna have to rest. When I stopped teaching and became my husband’s right-hand man there was no stopping. There was going lighter, and there was going easier. But the work had to get done. 

Over the years the right knee was progressively worse off than the left. And I knew I was going to have to do something. After several different dr visits and injections, I finally had knee surgery in March of this year on my right knee. It feels the best it has felt in years. As a bonus the other knee no longer hurts at all. And in September I can say, I finally got back on a horse. You don’t know how exciting that was. To want to ride but being able to ride is a very hard thing to deal with. So I continue hoping it heals even better and I am able to do all the things that I want including running and jumping. 

Here are a few pictures of my horse ride and my pup Boo. She is the daughter of the dog I bought train.