Attempt One and going!

I have decided to learn to knit. I love crochet and feel pretty confident with it, but i want to be able to knit. I visited two amazing yarn stores in Laramie over the past several days while my daughter was attending their volleyball camp. during these visits it juzt became so clear that I need more to do and shoukd therefore take up the challenge of teaching myself to knit. I left the Cowgirl Yarn store armed with a skein of yarn, a pattern, and some needles. I have watched several videos online and so far feel pretty good with my progress. Hopefully soon I will have a finished hat.



Well things are progressing nicely with this hat. I have a few holes from dropping a stitch and doing some weird thing. However ripping down to that and fixing it as my mother suggested is DEFINITELY not going to happen.  What happens in the knitting stays in the knitting in my book.   So I keep going. I have lost the pattern and will be calling the Cowgirl Yarn store ASAP today.


We’ll I am finished! It came along pretty quick and I really enjoyed the knitting. I guess now I have to begin a new hat.



One thought on “Attempt One and going!

  1. Jane Brooks July 10, 2014 / 2:30 pm

    looks good and the yarn is beautiful


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