Trees and Snow

I came across this pattern on Ravelry and just had  to make it. It is called the Snowfall Hat. 

My mom is drawn to anything with cables and I am drawn to colorowork. I just love it.

When I started this one my mom instantly said it was hers. Of course I agreed. It looks great!

My mom and dad modeling hats. Mom made my nephew a simple beanie and dad was trying it on for size. They look great. 

Of course I couldn’t leave out my little sister. She loves having her picture taken. The Pom Pom on the hat really finishes it off. 

Simple but Stylish

I looked and looked over the past six months to find a hat pattern for this yard. It is a hand-painted yarn that I picked up at the Brown Sheep company in Nebraska. It is a very gated yarn and trying to find a pattern is hard. Reading so much on patterns I found you either want the pattern to stand out or you want to going to stand out but you can’t have both. We sticking with that theory trying to find a pattern that will fit this yarn became difficult.

Unlike most people who find a pattern and then go to the yarn store and find a yarn that fits it, I am backwards. Whenever I am at a store I buy lots of yard that I like and then try to find a pattern to make with them later needless to say it has created quite the yarn stash. However I have some of the prettiest yarns and now it is just finding fun patterns to make and I seldom make the same pattern twice.

So this hat is just a simple reading and then knitting all the way up with the decreasing pattern at the top. Very simple but I think it fits well with his hat. It has a slight slouch so it’s kind of stylish. The colors go well with anything and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or give it away for now it’s going into my completed pile and I’ll figure that out later.


Hat for Kristie

I started this hat with really no one in mind. I used sons fabulously soft wool and knew that it would be a great gift no matter who I decided to give it to. Heck, I almost kept it myself.

The pattern was super fun and it knitted up quite nicely. I am beginning to have quite the collection of Addi Turbo Needles and it is so nice to find a pattern, then be able to grab yarn and the needles right out of my room. I don’t even have to go shop.

Although when you throw in a needle every time you shop from Amazon, they add up quickly. Let’s just say is my greatest friend. When you live an hour and a half from the nearest Walmart and even further from a good yarn store, you begin to order everything you can online. I can have it delivered free and I don’t even have to get outside.

Anyway, Kristie tried on several hats that I had made over Christmas, but this one looked really good on her. I thought the green went wonderfully with her eyes and her hair. Hopefully she agrees and will wear it when it gets cold. Here at our place we wear hats everyday. If it’s not to keep the cold out. It’s to keep the wind out. So making hats is not only fun, but functional and we love them.


Attempt One and going!

I have decided to learn to knit. I love crochet and feel pretty confident with it, but i want to be able to knit. I visited two amazing yarn stores in Laramie over the past several days while my daughter was attending their volleyball camp. during these visits it juzt became so clear that I need more to do and shoukd therefore take up the challenge of teaching myself to knit. I left the Cowgirl Yarn store armed with a skein of yarn, a pattern, and some needles. I have watched several videos online and so far feel pretty good with my progress. Hopefully soon I will have a finished hat.



Well things are progressing nicely with this hat. I have a few holes from dropping a stitch and doing some weird thing. However ripping down to that and fixing it as my mother suggested is DEFINITELY not going to happen.  What happens in the knitting stays in the knitting in my book.   So I keep going. I have lost the pattern and will be calling the Cowgirl Yarn store ASAP today.


We’ll I am finished! It came along pretty quick and I really enjoyed the knitting. I guess now I have to begin a new hat.