Simple but Stylish

I looked and looked over the past six months to find a hat pattern for this yard. It is a hand-painted yarn that I picked up at the Brown Sheep company in Nebraska. It is a very gated yarn and trying to find a pattern is hard. Reading so much on patterns I found you either want the pattern to stand out or you want to going to stand out but you can’t have both. We sticking with that theory trying to find a pattern that will fit this yarn became difficult.

Unlike most people who find a pattern and then go to the yarn store and find a yarn that fits it, I am backwards. Whenever I am at a store I buy lots of yard that I like and then try to find a pattern to make with them later needless to say it has created quite the yarn stash. However I have some of the prettiest yarns and now it is just finding fun patterns to make and I seldom make the same pattern twice.

So this hat is just a simple reading and then knitting all the way up with the decreasing pattern at the top. Very simple but I think it fits well with his hat. It has a slight slouch so it’s kind of stylish. The colors go well with anything and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or give it away for now it’s going into my completed pile and I’ll figure that out later.


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