That One Magical Place. SCOTLAND!!!

I don’t know about you, but most people I talk to have one place  in their heart and mind that is their magical place. Maybe it was a place they used to live, a place that the celebrated a great memory, maybe a place their family lived at one point, or just a place they have visited or want to visit.  It is that one place that when we think of it, our worlds fade. Our hearts begin to slow their beating, and we can feel it. We can smell the scent of the air. AHHHH! It is purely magical. Is it not?

For me it is a place that I had always wanted to visit. I had dreamed for years, lets say decades. I can date myself. Yes decades. I just imagined how lovely it would be. And then we went. In 2010, I was able to convince my ranching husband that the cattle would be fine. We had grass that summer. The weather was great, so hopefully no fires. Things were good to go to the place of my dreams. I booked our vacation and in August we boarded a plane for SCOTLAND!! Oh, I threw in a visit to a cattle ranch so that he would be getting his rancher needs met. It was going to be glorious.

I am an avid romance novel reader. I have always been a reader, but highland romance novels as corny as they sound are just fabulous. I can read it in one night and enjoy a little mind vacation to the place of my dreams.

When we arrived it was just as I had imagined only better. It was the most glorious place my eyes have every witnessed. It was so green, with sheep grazing on the hillsides. The coast was amazing. In our 8 days of driving, we only had rain once. It was just awesome.  I took over 700 pictures, and not a one does the country justice. I hope one day to return to take my kids, when they are grown.

The people, although hard to understand at first, were downright the nicest ever. I felt right at home even though I was a silly tourist. There is not one bad thing I have to say from our experience, except that we weren’t there long enough.

Scotland is definitely one place that has never left me and I find myself going their in my mind as often as I can. I have told my husband that when he dies, which will surely be before me, that I am going to move there and live out my days.

Do you  have a place like that? A place that pulls to you. A place that you can never full shake out of your system. It seems to creep up in one too many conversations, until you know you begin to annoy people with your fascination with it.

Oh, even now. I can see it, I can feel the damp air, smell that aroma of stone and history. I don’t have family from Scotland. So sad for me. Irish yes and Wales, but no Scottish. Lots of German and some English, but no Scottish. Oh to be a proud clan from Scotland. Don’t get me wrong I am very proud of where my ancestors have come. But they are different there. To be a member of a clan and to have that heritage on your shoulders. Oh, Heaven would be mine. I dare say it would.

I think I am going to have to settle for a romance novel tonight and dream of my Magical Place!!!

One thought on “That One Magical Place. SCOTLAND!!!

  1. Ilona October 16, 2013 / 2:25 am

    You are right, Scotland is magnificent! There is something magical about this place. I had high expectations before I moved here, but I never thought it could be this remarkable.

    As what comes to that Magical place of mine, I guess I am still searching for it.

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