I said never again…


In October of 2012, my daughter signed up for quilting in 4-H. That’s would be fine, I would get my friend Mandy to help her. Mandy is one of those friends that can do it all. She is one of those crafty bugs who does a little of everything, so I can always count on her to tell me what to add to a recipe to fix it, how to make a pot holder, or basically any other question I need answered when I can’t get a hold of my mom. Yes, she is on speed dial, or voice dial, or whatever it is now a days.

Loganne and I signed her up for a beginner’s quilting class at the local quilt store. Every week we went in to learn a new square and techniques that would hopefully make her and us quilters.

Well every week we stitched and sewed, ripped seams and re- sewed trying to get it correct. ¬†We had an awesome teacher and we learned so much. At fair Loganne’s quilt took grand champion. Wahoo, we are done. I swore to never make or help make another quilt. Well we all know what happens whenever we say never, yep I got addicted it is so amazing to see fabric turn into a beautiful quilt. I ended up making my mom a very oversized Christmas quilt. It should be back from the quilters soon and I am on edge until I see it.