It’s a Sausage Ball Kind of Day

We arrived back In Wyoming yesterday evening. This morning we awoke to 7 degree temps and snow. The roads are closed to the ranch, so for the next couple of hours we are stuck in town.

When it’s snowy and nasty out. There is nothing to do but stay inside and of course cook.

I love whipping up a batch of sausage balls. They are easy and fun quick. Since we have been gone for over a week this required a trip to the store.

Now I like my sausage balls spicy. But you can omit the Tabasco and use mild sausage

Sausage Balls

1-2lbs of hot sausage

3-4 drops Tabasco

1 Small pkg finely shredded cheddar cheese

1-2 cups bisquick

Mix sausage, Tabasco, and cheese in a bowl. Then add enough bisquick to bind it together. Roll into balls and bake at 375 until done about 12-15 minutes.


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