A Little Stowaway 

Life on the ranch is always filled with new adventures and excitement and yesterday was no different. 

My puppy, who at 9 months is really looking more like a dog than a pup, is quite the busy bee. She is always chasing a rabbit or harassing the kittens. Well yesterday I looked outside to see a raccoon hiding from Boo under my truck. Yes, a coon was under my vehicle. The major problem is that I had less than an hour before I needed to head to town. 

I kept my eye on my vehicle as the raccoon disappeared up into my engine compartment. I hoped it would make its way out before I left. 

On my way to town, I never heard a sound and really prayed that as I was getting ready it made its way out into the pasture. 

Low and behold as John and I were waiting for his football practice to begin, we heard a sound. Yes, it was in there. I gathered up the nerve to open the hood. The poor guy was so hit from the engine heat. 

We went to John’s game with hopes it would climb out and go into the large spruce tree in front of my truck. Well no such luck. JJ grabbed it by the tail and threw it towards the tree. We Ll stayed way back just in case it decided to eat JJ. 

It landed on its feet and scurried under the tree. A few moments later several birds flew out a little ways up. I felt safe saying it was now I that tree, and now the problem of the high school.  


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