My New Work in Progress

May and June are the busiest times on the ranch as far as cattle work goes. It seems we are always on the go branding, moving cows, fixing fence, AI’ing, or preparing for all of those things. July begins to slow down a bit and I am ready for a little time. 

I recently met my mom and dad in a wonderful place in Iowa to take back over possession of my children. Yep, that’s right I turn them over to my parents every year.  You see I am from East Tennessee and moved to Wyoming in 1995. Well after having kids. It was assumed that they would get to spend an incredible amount of time in the summer with my parents and family. So every summer they go for three weeks. Sometimes we fly back and forth, and sometimes I drive. This year mom and dad decided they would meet me halfway. 

While in Iowa City, we stopped of course at a local yarn store. It was fabulous the lady was so helpful. I found this lovely scarf made of cotton blend. It came with a free pattern, so I snatched it up. I can’t wait to see it finished.  

They also had a pattern for these lovely slippers called Mukluks. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to finish this scarf, just so I can start the slippers. 
Enjoy the 4th. Celebrate our Freedom.