Brioche Stitch! You are my ENEMY!

While visiting my mom the first of February she talked me into, well she just signed me up, for a class on the Brioche stitch. We went over to Rogersville to Sunnyside Yarns. It is a cute little store and easy to find whatever you need.

Well we were introduced to the American Brioche stitch and the Dutch brioche stitch. I conquered each quickly and then visited the remainder of the time. She gave us a simple pattern for a scarf and away we went with one new stitch under our belts.

Then I started working on it. The American way with the slip and yarn over and then knit 2 together is fun and easy. Until, yes until you mess up. Then there is no fixing. It just becomes a mix of loose yarn and holes. Ripping it out is my only option. So I start, mess up and rip out. Start get about 15 rows rip it out. Frustration is not something I enjoy. I like to conquer and move on. I can’t move on past this stitch. I have started to just cut it off instead of ripping it out. Enough was enough.

I decided to decrease my needle size and try the Dutch method. It is just a knit and three knit below stitch. This can kind of be undone. So far so good. We will see how far I get.