A Travesty!!!

What has occurred in my house is almost unforgivable. It is an unjust that can not be undone. It is just so…..well hard to talk about.  What my children have done to me is almost to much for me to carry.

You see I am a very odd type person. I hoard weird things. For example when we go out to eat. I never drink very much of my drink. I just don’t. I hoard it. I have it for later.  My husband and my children never! They guzzle it all away and then in 15 minutes have nothing.  Then there is Mom’s drink! I have mine because I don’t want to be thirsty later. I always come home with almost and entire drink left. Unless we are on a road trip and then I give it up to those who have nothing.  It’s weird and it drives my family crazy.

Well at Christmas last year I asked my mother to make and send me two things. These two things remind me of home and remind me of her.  Being 1500 miles away I wanted those memories at Christmas.  Well she sent them. That’s right I got to large tins filled with coconut balls and peanut butter balls. I was never so happy. I opened my tins, took a look, smelled the aroma of chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut. I then took one small ball out and slowly enjoyed the taste. It lingered in my mouth. Each bite was pure heaven.

As I pictured my mother making these especially for me. Well I decided to hoard them. I put them straight into the freezer. I never mentioned to the family what was in the tins or that it was there.

Here comes the moment of pure double crossing. My children come upstairs this past Sunday, smiling and grinning! They laughed and laughed. When I finally asked they told me that they had been into my stash.  What! You have been eating my candy.  Yes, they had been slowly sneaking candy since Christmas.  I opened my tin and I only had Five. Count them 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 left.  I almost cried.

These are my balls. My candy! My candy made for me by my MOMMY!! Well what to do. I couldn’t yell at them. It was sent to us. As it was pointed out by my children it didn’t say to you only and you don’t eat it. It is true. I hadn’t eaten it since that one taste at Christmas. It is true that they need to be eaten because like all southern women, my mom will be wanting her tins back come June.

I learned something very important. Next year I will hide them at the hunting house!

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