And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day!!

Oh!cake everywhere
Oh! Cake Everywhere. This is a small snapshot of the spill!

Yesterday started out just as any other. I woke up, cooked breakfast for the kids. Then off to the school bus stop we go. I wished my lovely studious little children a good day and headed back to the ranch. Wow, what a grand life.

Once I was back in the house the plans for the day were discussed. My wonderful hubby gave me the details of the rest of my day. He was going to work on a few things, then after lunch we would move cows to another pasture. Burr, I thought. Then, bless his heart, he informed me that I could ride in the truck and call the cows, while he rode the four-wheeler behind.  I tell you I almost screamed with joy.  Yeah,  won’t be cold.


This is the 5 ton feeding truck. Now you see why I enjoy driving it.

The rest of the morning I worked on cleaning out our old email account and doing a few other odds and ends.  I joined JJ in the kitchen for a quick lunch and out the door we went.

It ended up I was driving the 5 ton army truck. Not a problem. I loaded up the dogs. In this I do mean I literally loaded them up. It is a ways up there. JJ had already loaded the 600 pounds of cake into the cake feeder. I was headed up ahead of him to start gathering the cows.

I love driving this huge truck. I am the king of the road, I am high up and can see everything. The dogs, I am not sure what they think. It’s loud. It’s bumpy. But they enjoy being with me, so down the road we go.

You know that feeling when things are just great. When your flying high on life because, well what can go wrong. It was a beautiful although windy day in the high 30’s.  Moving cows is always fun. I was going to enjoy this time.

Then Wham!!! It all goes down the drain.  

I got too close to the shoulder. Our new road that the oilfield companies recently built has a very steep shoulder. Let me say a 5 ton truck on a steep shoulder. Oh yeah, I was in a panic. I just new I was turning over.  I quickly removed my foot from the gas and let it go down the shoulder and out into the pasture. Well army trucks don’t stop when your foot comes off the gas. They go, and go. I panicked. Then there it is. A large embankment. More like a motocross jump looking hill was coming at me fast. I remembered the brake and both feet hit it at once.

Did I mention I had 600 pds of cake in the cake feeder on the back of the truck. Well I did when I started. OPPS!!

I got it stopped as I crested the first hill.  The cake feeder flew off the truck.  When I looked back the cake was spread from the moment I left the road all the way to that hill. Well I drove it back up on the road.

I faced the facts. I had to call the hubby. I already checked the cake feeder, it was not damaged. Wheww. but it was definitely empty. oh noooo!

Well I called him and mentioned I was in a little accident. He was concerned but when I mentioned the cake was no longer available to feed with, well plans had to change.

He showed up, we moved the truck. The new plans were discussed. I would be riding a four-wheeler along with him on the motorcycle to move cows. Did I mention the fact I was going to be riding in truck, so I did not dress for being outside.  He did take pity and give me his stocking hat. It was out of pure pity, I know.

Well it all worked out. The cows got moved, I survived riding in the cold. We picked up the kids and he didn’t kill me for spilling 600 pds of feed.

Well today we went up and scooped as much as we could and I picked up some more by hand. Everything worked out. I think at the end we managed to gather up around 300 pounds of cake and a lot of dirt!

One thought on “And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day!!

  1. Vicki January 22, 2014 / 2:42 pm

    Glad life is staying interesting! That is funny!

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