Stay at home, and relax!?

Well I thought my life would calm down, however the next week is so chaotic not sure when I will get any of my stuff done. 

Nov 7th

1.Feed calves. This includes my husband driving the truck with hay on it and my dig and I are gathering the calves to feed.

2.Gather heifers move to another pasture

3. Gather cows and move to the house

4. Bake goodies for tomorrow’s work

5. Make Chili for tomorrow’s lunch/supper or lupper

6. Go to town for 4-H meeting


Nov. 8

Preg test cows and heifers at our place

That is just for the next day. It is like this until Wed. Not sure when laundry will be done. I need a maid, actually I need a cone of myself. 

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